The Posthuman

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." ~ George Orwell

The Cyborg Society

Start by reading “Cyborgology” by Chris Gray, Steven Mentor, and Heidi Figueroa-Sarriera and watching Metropolis (the 1927 silent film). Then answer one or more of these questions:

1. First, what is a “cyborg”? Create a working definition in your own words?

2. What emotional reactions do you have to the primary arguments posed in the essay? Do you feel like we are all, indeed, becoming cyborgs? Do you agree with the remark that “soon, perhaps, it will be impossible to tell where human ends and machines begin” (13)?

3. Brainstorm by creating a tentative list of ways that you might be considered a cyborg (feel free to use some of the examples from the essay). Then, think about other people you know, starting with close friends and family and, finally, celebrities and popular icons. How many cyborgs do you know?

4. How is the relationship of man and machine depicted in Metropolis? What examples do you see of man and machine becoming indistinguishable?

5. Is the so called “cyborg society” we live in a site of imprisonment or a site of physical and spiritual liberation? Would you describe the dissolving distinction between man and machine as progress? What answers does Metropolis offer for this question? blogEntryTopper
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